Service and Advocacy Group

Service Group for Liberian Rights

Group, Service Group in Liberia, West Africa

Become a part of the Center for Peace and Development Effectiveness in Liberia, West Africa, and join a service group dedicated to advocating for Liberian rights. Our nonprofit organization serves the disadvantaged populations of Liberia in Western Africa.

Experience You Can Trust

Promoting peace and sustainable, effective development in Liberia is our top priority. With a staff well versed and experienced in the nonprofit world, we are developing effective plans for policy advocacy and social development  and making huge strides in the lives of our target beneficiaries.

Motivational Speakers

Monthly motivational talks are not common in Liberia. Our service group sets out and speaks with street kids and school drop-outs, and introduces them to successful people who overcome the difficulties of their early years. This motivational, inspirational practice is unprecedented in most of the country.

Quality Service

You have the opportunity to join the leading service group providing mentoring services and capacity building opportunities for the people of Liberia. Our team is dedicated to improving Liberian rights. The service group is motivated by seeing joy in people's faces and providing positive change to the world.

Contact us today in Monrovia, Liberia and in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, to request more information about our promoting Liberian rights with our service group.

INTERNATIONAL CAMPAIGNS: Arms Trade Treaty; Disarm Domestic Violence; and Post-2015 Development Framework